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IWC Primary Care,
A Family Medicine Practice

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Our Story

IWC Primary Care, An Innovative Wellness Clinic prides itself on caring for patients by carefully diagnosing illnesses, prescribing appropriate medications, and providing appropriate follow-up care. 


We utilize a patient-centered approach to provide preventive and comprehensive care, as well as a focus on detailed, holistic, and integrative medicine. 

In a world filled with choices in healthcare, we recognize that healthcare is not a one size fits all endeavor. In our combined experience of more than 25 years, we have the knowledge and skill to listen carefully, to elicit information, and to provide the patient with the highest level of care so that the patient receives the optimal treatment options that are based on the diagnosis and current research. To ensure that our patients' advanced medical needs are met, we regularly refer them to specialists such as cardiologists and gynecologists. 


Our services are offered throughout San Diego, as well as throughout California via telehealth as Primary Care Providers. We accept health insurance plans such as Medicare, Tricare Prime, Tricare Select, Aetna, and United Health Care. 


In order to increase access to quality healthcare and improve the health outcomes of individuals, our primary objective is to become a preferred partner in primary care. Allow us to be your resource for better health. We are providers that listen, providers that care.

Accepting Insurance & Direct Pay


Coming Soon 
  • Welcome to Membership! At IWC Primary Care, In addition to accepting health insurance, we offer Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership services to uninsured patients as a means to increasing access to quality healthcare.
    Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an exceptional payment model that allows all patients to receive high quality and affordable primary care regardless of insurance coverage. In other words, it is primary care brought directly to the patient without copays or insurance approval. Through DPC, each patient pays a monthly fee that immediately gives access to: Unlimited patient visits. Discounts on laboratory Disocunts on diagnostic tests After hours visits. Longer visits with the providers. Discounts on supplements Discounts on cash services. Find out more in this brief video below!

Meet The Team

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