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Gynecological Assessment

Assessment of Fibroids, Cysts, Irregular Menses, and Hormones

  • 25 minutes
  • Insurance or Members
  • Telehealth or Clinic Visit

Service Description

WHAT TYPES OF CONCERNS ARE ADDRESSED DURING A GYNECOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT? Our bodies warn us of hormonal imbalances through changes in the menstrual cycle. Providers at Innovative Wellness Clinic, Inc. can assess women for the following conditions: • Fertility concerns • Irregular menstrual cycles • Painful menses • Heavy menstrual bleeding • Fibroids, cysts, or PCOS • Menopause Several of these conditions may require further evaluation with hormone panels or diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds. As part of our "root cause" approach, we educate our patients about normal female functioning, endocrine and hormone disruption, products to avoid to reduce symptoms, and supplements/nutrition/hormones to implement to reduce symptoms. The goal is to work together to find long-term solutions for an improved lifestyle. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

Contact Details

(858) 648-0755

10225 Austin Dr. Suite 105 Spring Valley, CA 91978 IWC Primary Care, An Innovative Wellness Clinic, Campo Road, Spring Valley, CA, USA

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